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Song Doctor

• Build excellent vocal technique and coordination

• Sing with a seamless connection using your mix voice

• Eliminate breaks and cracks in your voice

• Increase range, flexibility, endurance, and vocal health

• Sing songs you love: Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre, Jazz, etc...

• Develop your performance and audition technique

• Record all lessons for review and to practice with


Each lesson takes students through a series of customized vocal exercises that are specifically designed to develop excellent vocal coordination. The combination of exercises systematically and efficiently build upon one another lesson after lesson establishing a solid vocal foundation and skill set that will be with students for a lifetime. Our emphasis is on developing one seamless vocal sound from top to bottom, building our "mix" voice allowing you to sing without breaks in the voice. The Simply Sing vocal exercises are then applied to the songs students are working on in each lesson. By applying the same specific vocal exercises to the song, students quickly develop the vocal coordination needed to sing through it easily and effortlessly. Students sing the genre of music they love to sing. All song work includes performance technique so that students learn how to connect and express the songs they sing.

Private Vocal Lessons

Audition/Performance Prep

• Polish your vocal technique in the song or songs you are preparing

• Work on how to perform your song and act it to nail your performance

• Learn proper audition/stage etiquette to create a good impression

• Learn how to handle a call back and what to do for it

• Need help preparing a monologue? We can work on that as well with

  lots of guidance and techniques for optimum confidence

• All lessons are recorded for review and to practice with

• Assistance with repertoire selection is also provided if needed to suit

  your voice and character type


Your session(s) will focus on developing your vocal technique and then applying all the vocal tools to your songs and monologue. You will gain an understanding of the whole audition process and what to expect. If you are preparing for a special performance we will apply many of the same tools and exercises ensuring you are prepared and confident on the big day!

Past clients have successfully auditioned/performed in:


~ Numerous Theatre Companies and Productions 

~ Bands

~ Choirs

~ Theatre Schools including...


• Focus on a song(s) that you are currently working on to nail down your vocal

  technique with it

• Take care of trouble areas in the song swiftly 

• Learn simple and easy ways to immediately improve the song and your delivery

  of it

• Build a tool box of skills to take into other songs you sing

• All lessons are recorded for review and to practice with



Your session(s) will focus on identifying the key issues with the song and how to quickly implement changes to it. Using tools and exercises you will quickly see results that will improve your skillset and delivery of the song(s).

Past Song Doctor Sessions have been used for:


~ Bands to assist lead singers and blending harmonies 

~ Singer-Songwriters working on original material or covers

~ Quartets to work on harmonies and blending

~ Theatre auditions and performances

~ Special Events

~ And much more...

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