"When Tammy Fredrick came in as a guest artist to conduct master classes with students in the ARTS Mackenzie Vocal Program, I was extremely impressed by her knowledge of the voice and acting techniques.  She was able to relate very well to students’ prior knowledge and give each of them useful tools to take away and add to their individual practice.  The students ranged from experienced jazz, musical theatre, and opera singers to choral singers who were trying out musical theatre for the first time.  Tammy encouraged a positive collaborative atmosphere and was able to make each of them feel that they had something to offer.  In the master classes, she focused on healthy practices for developing mixed voice and singing expressively by applying acting techniques such as making personal connections to the text.  I noticed a real difference in my students’ solo performances after they participated in the workshop and they frequently referenced what they learned throughout the course." ~ Megan Alexander-Lui, Vocal Department at AlexMack Arts Highschool

The  Masterclass - Nailing Your Audition/Performance


The masterclass is a fun and inspiring performance based workshop. Participants will have a song or songs prepared and will present them in front of the group. Tammy will then work with each performer to immediately improve their songs. Work will address quick fixes to vocal delivery, connecting with the emotional content of the songs, audition and performance etiquette and technique, and much more. Results are quick and the whole group benefits by watching the work with fellow participants.


To Book The Masterclass Workshop for your group, please email Tammy at tammy@simplysing.ca or call 416-850-0972.

*ONLINE Workshops or In-Person Available (once open to do so again)!

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