"Tammy is magic. Her approach to vocal technique is truly effective; the framework she provides is easy to understand and fun to explore. She explains the foundation of her concepts in a way that anyone can follow. More than that, though, Tammy has an innate understanding of the human condition. As a student of both her private and group lessons, I felt her unconditional support and encouragement every step of the way. I was able to move past fear and into performance, claiming my right to self-expression through song. She is every singer's greatest advocate." ~ Laura Geiger, Singer-Songwriter

• Focus on a song(s) that you are currently working on to nail down your vocal technique with it

• Take care of trouble areas in the song swiftly 

• Learn simple and easy ways to immediately improve the song and your delivery of it

• Build a tool box of skills to take into other songs you sing

• All lessons are recorded for review and to practice with



Your session(s) will focus on identifying the key issues with the song and how to quickly implement changes to it. Using tools and exercsies you will quickly see results that will improve your skillset and delivery of the song(s).

Past Song Doctor Sessions have been used for:


~ Bands to assist lead singers and blending harmonies 

~ Singer-Songwriters working on original material or covers

~ Quartets to work on harmonies and blending

~ Theatre auditions and performances

~ Special Events

~ And much more...

song doctor

Flexible Single Sessions: $40 or $75 (no tax)

30 min - $40 (no tax)
1 Hour - $75 (no tax)
Students can book Single Sessions to fit a more flexible schedule and process.

Song Doctor Session Package: $37.50 (no tax)

Session Packages are available when you buy 6 or more sessions. They can be booked flexibly throughout the year from Sept - June.

Summer Session Package: $35 (no tax)

Summer Session Packages are available when you buy 6 or more sessions. They can be booked flexibly throughout out June, July and August.

*Payment for Lessons can be made with etransfer, cash, cheque, or credit credit/debit with Paypal (there is a small service fee for Paypal payments). 

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