• 3 Steps to Identifying AS a Singer

    Many of us like to sing, but have been taught that we are not a "singer". Or that singing is only for a reserved few. But, really we all have vocal cords and a Body and thus we are all equipped with the instrument to sing. Singing is really a practice of developing coordination, much like learning anything.

    But, if you really love singing and feel like you aren't a singer, I would suggest that you play with the idea of identifying AS a singer. What this means is changing your belief that you aren't a singer into the belief that you ARE a singer. The practiced shift in the mindset will bring you into alignment with all the right steps to release your voice.


    Start with these simple steps :

    1. Create a vision board, box,  binder, or a computer file and start to collect lyric sheets of the songs you would love to sing, or sheet music. Add pictures of the artists who inspire you, etc. Write out what it is you want to do as a singer, really envision it and practice that as a mental rehearsal.

    2. Read Blogs about singing and watch YouTube videos and simply immerse yourself in the world of singing. There are lots of resources for sheet music and lyric sheets and karaoke's, dive in and have fun.

    3. Begin to sing on a regular basis, as you make it a habit, you will make continual progress, you will feel good, you will have fun, and more importantly you will be affirming your identity each time that you are a singer.

    A "singer" is simply someone who sings, it isn't a finish line. If you are practicing singing each week, which includes shower and car singing, you are in fact a singer. It is a lifelong process, not a destination.

    As you think about singing, study it, and do it, you are embodying the Identity of a singer and as you feed that identity, you will want to sing, study, and do it even more. Creating a fantastic self-affirming "Singer" identity loop!


    Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become. No single instance will transform your beliefs, but as the votes build up, so does the evidence of your new identity. ~ James Clear


    Author: Tammy Frederick


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