• Connecting Yourself to the Story

    On some level, you can relate to the essence of any song. Understanding what your song is about is the first step to being able to express it; however, relating it to personal experience assists you in connecting to it and expressing it in an authentic way. By doing this you begin to breathe life, confidence, and emotion into the song. Start by thinking about the basic essence of your song as explored in the last blog post called Your Song's Story. Your song may be about love, hardship, loss, achievement, or desire. Now, think about a personal experience in your own life where you experienced a similar situation or emotion. Any personal experience, no matter how small, can offer you the feeling you want to duplicate. As you sing your song, imagine you are singing about your own experience. Use the lyrics of the song to pour your own story out into the world. This is an exercise to help you access deeper levels of expression with your song. The more connected you are to the story the more meaningfully you will be able to express it vocally and thus connect with your audience.



    the expression of one's feelings, thoughts, or ideas, especially in writing, art, music, or dance.

    Oxford Dictionary


    Author: Tammy Frederick


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