5 Vocal Tips for Karaoke!

    1. Vocal Exercises

    Practice your karaoke songs with vocal exercises to develop your technique with the song. I suggest doing liprolls and trills many times with your songs to develop consistent vocal quality. And its also fun! If these are tricky for you, sing your songs with Koo's.

    2. Piano Recording

    Karaoke can be a challenge because the backing music does not have any melody(the notes the singer sings) in the track. This can be easily over-come by asking/hiring a piano player to play the melody notes of the song while the karaoke is playing. You can use this combined track to practice with and you will find a huge improvement in your ability to sing the song well!

    3. Connect to the Story

    Although it may seem obvious, many singers when asked don't actually know what their song is about. Look at your lyrics, read them out loud, and think about the story and the person who is singing it. Then try to relate to the story with personal experiences that may be similar in emotional nature. If you sing your song with more emotional investment, it will positively affect the quality of your performance!

    4. Warm up, Cool down

    Your voice is a part of your body and a fabulously coordinated instrument! If you take some time to warm up before you do karaoke, including singing your songs with tip 1, it will have a dramatic affect on your singing. Also, be sure to cool down your voice at the end of the session. I know very few people will think of doing this, but doing some gentle humming or liprolls will re-balance your voice for the next day and keep you healthy for more singing in the future!

    5. Hydrate During the Day

    Your voice is a mucous membrane that requires adequate hydration to function properly, ie: allow you to sing well. A singer needs to be drinking water all day in order to have adequate hydration for their cords and then continue to sip on water throughout performing to wet the back of the throat and maintain hydration. Remember that other types of drinks can be de-hydrating, so be sure to balance with equal intake of water to counter this!


    "I hate it when I'm singing a song and the artist gets the words wrong."


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    Author: Tammy Frederick


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