“With Tammy, the traditional methods and vague terminologies are left behind.  Instead she demystifies the process by teaching an in depth technical approach, building on itself in concrete and understandable ways, while also increasing the student’s vocal knowledge ultimately leading them to continue to train themselves.” 

~ Darren Harris, Pianist and Vocalist

Simply Sing A Song - A System for Craftsmanship


This innovative and inspiring workshop will dive into a song and teach participants how to break it down into the building blocks so it can be completely understood how to sing it effortlessly. By understanding everything from navigating the melody line, dissecting the vowels of the lyrics, building in the best vocal exercises to sing the song with, how to smooth out the break areas, developing efficient breath control, to how to own the song performance-wise; this workshop is state of the art craftsmanship and once you do it with one song, you have the system to apply it to every song you want sing.


To Book a Simply Sing  A Song Workshop for your group, please email Tammy at tammy@simplysing.ca or call 416-850-0972.

*ONLINE Workshops or In-Person Available (once open to do so again)!

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