"Tammy makes piano fun! I have always wanted to accompany myself while singing, or sing around the piano with family and friends and now I am learning how to do just that. From our first lesson she got me playing and singing and breaks everything down to make it easy and fun to learn." ~ Beth


Piano Lessons


In Person or Online

• Learn to accompany yourself while you sing

• Build excellent piano technique

• Learn how to chord and arrange the songs you work on

• Develop your piano harmonizing skills 

• Practice improvising and work on your own song writing

• Theory



Piano is a magnificent instrument that can support a singers journey as well as those interested in songwriting. I have designed my Simply Sing Piano Method to include building piano technique, chording, arranging, harmonizing, improvising(song creation), and theory. All of these combined will allow students to be proficient at the instrument, be able to accompany themselves while they sing, as well as be able to create and notate the songs they create if this is of interest to the student.


Lessons are customized to each students desires.

No experience required!

Regular Weekly Lessons: $30 (no tax)
Students book into a regular weekly 30 min lesson timeslot from Sept - June with a performance in the year end Showcase at the end of June. Payment is either made in full for the school year, in 2 terms, or in 4 terms. You can book into the school year at anytime.


Flexible Single Lessons: $35 or $65 (no tax)

30 min - $35 (no tax)
1 Hour - $65 (no tax)
Students can book Single Lessons to fit a more flexible schedule and process.


Piano Lesson Package: $32.50 (no tax)

Piano Lesson Packages are available when you buy 6 or more lessons. Lessons can be booked flexibly throughout the year from Sept - June.

Summer Lesson Package: $30 (no tax)

Summer Lesson Packages are available when you buy 6 or more lessons. Lessons can be booked flexibly throughout out June, July and August.

*Payment for Lessons can be made with etransfer, cash, cheque, or credit credit/debit with Paypal (there is a small service fee for Paypal payments). 


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