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"I wanted to tell you how very much I have enjoyed and appreciated the work that you do. The Group Singing Class was transformational in that I sing all the time now with confidence and grace. It is a great stress management technique and it keeps me in touch with my inner joyful creative self. With much love and admiration." ~ Carol

2 Classes to Choose From:


Fridays 2:00 - 2:45 pm

Fridays 6:30 - 7:15 pm


4 Weeks ~ March 5th - 26th


$65 (no tax)

online group singing class

To REGISTER for the Group Class, please email Tammy at tammy@simplysing.ca or call 416-850-0972.


Payment can be made by etransfer or credit card via Paypal. 

*please note there is a same service charge on Paypal payments.

• Fun and effective online learning experience  

• Develop excellent vocal technique with the Simply Sing Vocal Method

• Learn to sing with a seamless connection, eliminating breaks

• Increase range, flexibility, endurance, and vocal health

• Learn how the breath works and master this aspect of singing 

• Learn new songs and how to break them down for effortless singing

• Sing songs across the Pop, Rock, Musical Theatre, Jazz, etc...

• Learn how to take songs into performance for maximum effect

• Classes come with practice tracks and all materials




Each class will take students through a series of customized vocal exercises that are specifically designed to develop excellent vocal coordination. The combination of exercises systematically and efficiently build upon one another week after week establishing a solid vocal foundation and skill set that will be with students for a lifetime. Our emphasis is on developing one seamless vocal sound from top to bottom, building our "mix" voice allowing you to sing without breaks in the voice.

The vocal exercises are then applied to the song that we are working on. 

By applying the same specific vocal exercises to the song, students quickly develop the vocal coordination needed to sing through it easily and effortlessly. 


The Online Group Singing Class is open to all ages and all experience!

Classes take place on Zoom. All materials will be provided for you to practice throughout the week.


No Experience Required!


All Ages ~ All Levels

This class will benefit anyone from absolute beginner to professional!


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