"Like many other people out there I have had a passion for singing for a very long time. I have always felt that there was some natural talent in me but I could tell that I needed some help if I wanted to move forward. And then I met Tammy Frederick. Tammy's teaching method and dedication have allowed me to understand and trust my vocal abilities to a point I would have never imagined possible. Before I would simply try to reproduce another singer's voice and style because I didn't know any better and by the end of a song I would be often tired and sore trying to reach some of those high notes. Now I know who I am as a singer and with the tools she has given me I can easily tackle songs that use to intimidate me because of the vocal range and quality they required. Thank you Tammy! ~ Marco 

digital vocal lesson & warm up

• Clear and simple piano tracks and instruction to continually develop your vocal technique on your own

• Tracks are excellent to use in various combinations as a vocal warm up and cool down before and after rehearsals, auditions, performances, presentations, acting, teaching, and the list goes on!

• Proven exercises that will consistently create improvements in your voice and the songs you love to sing

• Download to your phone, tablet, computer, etc, for easy to use anywhere


These tracks will come with guided instruction on how I recommend you use them to develop excellent vocal coordination. The exercises I use in my Simply Sing Vocal Method develop a smooth and consistent vocal sound throughout your range. 


Using the piano tracks and specific exercise words I offer, you can download to your phone, computer or tablet, and start to develop your vocal technique today!


You can also use the tracks and exercises in various combinations to warm up your voice before any rehearsal, audition, or performance. As well as use them for a “cool down” to re-coordinate your voice after a lot of singing or speaking!


Doing these vocal exercises will also benefit those who use their voice a lot for speaking. If you experience hoarseness of fatigue after speaking in presentations or after a day of teaching, these tracks will be a huge benefit to you.


The Digital Vocal Lesson & Warm Up package comes with 9 downloadable piano tracks with a PDF of exercise instruction and guidance as well as an audio example track.


I am offering 4 different packages:


Female – low voice

Female – high voice

Male – low voice

Male – high voice


*Please note that all the package options will thoroughly warm up your voice, but I specify low or high voice so that you are not vocalizing unnecessarily too low or too high for your voice. But with time, your range and flexibility will increase and so you may want to buy the other package at some point and have both!


The female low voice will be a good selection for children both male and female.


If you do not know which one is best for you, we can discuss that when you place your order.


For those of you who have worked with me privately, you will enjoy being able to use these clean piano tracks without the talking in between!


If you have taken any of my workshops or Harmonise classes, you will also recognize many of these exercises and will be able to continue to practice what you learned on your own time.


If you would like more detailed guided one on one instruction on how to progress on your own with these tracks, you can also set up a 30 min or 1 hour online lesson and I will walk you through a plan of action!



Digital Vocal Lesson and Warm Up

$10 (no tax).

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