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"My experience with Tammy was incredible! She always made me feel incredibly confident and comfortable in ways no other instructor ever had. Thank you Tammy for helping me achieve something that just a year ago I thought was impossible." ~ Cristien 

• Work on your monologues, scenes, and call back material

• Build a tool box of simple and easy tools to connect to any character you play

• Learn how to technically break down your pieces so you deliver them successfully everytime

• Have fun crafting each character through improv and subtexting

• Play with pieces in many different ways to bring each scene to life rooted in your personal experience

• Learn how to adjust your performance for the situation and how to handle monologues, scenes, and call backs differently

• All sessions are recorded for review and to practice with

• Assistance with repertoire selection is also provided if needed


Your session(s) will focus on developing your acting technique and applying all the tools to your monologue or scene. You will gain an understanding of the whole preparation process and build a tool box of skills that you can take into all your acting situations.

acting coaching

Regular Weekly Lessons: $30 (no tax)
Students book into a regular weekly 30 min lesson timeslot from Sept - June. Payment is either made in full for the school year, in 2 terms, or in 4 terms. 

Flexible Single Lessons: $35 or $65 (no tax)

30 min - $35 (no tax)
1 Hour - $65 (no tax)
Students can book Single Lessons to fit a more flexible schedule and process.

Acting Lesson Package: $32.50 (no tax)

Acting Lesson Packages are available when you buy 6 or more lessons. Lessons can be booked flexibly throughout the year from Sept - June.

Summer Lesson Package: $30 (no tax)

Summer Lesson Packages are available when you buy 6 or more lessons. Lessons can be booked flexibly throughout out June, July and August.

*Payment for Lessons can be made with etransfer, cash, cheque, or credit credit/debit with Paypal (there is a small service fee for Paypal payments). 

Lessons available

In Person or Online

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