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"I've been working my way through #Vocal Hacks.  I understand the process of distilling a huge amount of knowledge, wisdom, guidance and caring into a very small amount of text and Tammy has done just that, soooo much packed into every paragraph and every sentence! I could read it pretty quickly.  But I'll be learning from it for years.  It will be an ongoing reference for me. Congratulations on this book, Tammy. You've created something that's absolutely outstanding. You're going to help a lot of people to become better singers, or to become singers, period. Bravo!!!!" ~ Jeff 


50 Inventive Tips to Immediately Improve Your Singing


#VocalHacks is a handbook for anyone who loves to sing! It is packed with 50 ingenious, yet simple vocal tips. It promises endless exploration and play with your voice and songs and offers practical, effective tools for immediate results. Written by professional vocal coach and author Tammy Frederick.


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