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"I have found that the most dramatic improvement in my vocal technique has come from my work with Tammy . She truly is an amazing teacher and a wonderful woman to have on your side.  Her encouraging and patient nature is such a necessity in a business such as the performing arts.  Through consistent work I have been able to gain skills that at one time seemed out of reach.  I have confidence in my vocal abilities now, which has greatly impacted my success in the audition room. Thank you Tammy! " ~ Denise 

• Polish your vocal technique in the song or songs you are preparing

• Work on how to perform your song and act it to nail your performance

• Learn proper audition/stage etiquette to create a good impression

• Learn how to handle a call back and what to do for it

• Need help preparing a monologue? We can work on that as well with

lots of guidance and techniques for optimum confidence

• All lessons are recorded for review and to practice with

• Assistance with repertoire selection is also provided if needed to suit

your voice and character type


Your lesson(s) will focus on developing your vocal technique and then applying all the vocal tools to your songs and monologue. You will gain an understanding of the whole audition process and what to expect. If you are preparing for a special performance we will apply many of the same tools and exercises ensuring you are prepared and confident on the big day!

Past clients have successfully auditioned/performed in:


~ Numerous Theatre Companies and Productions 

~ Bands

~ Choirs

~ Theatre Schools including...

The American Musical and Dramatic Academy(AMDA, New York City, NY)

George Brown College (Toronto, ON)

Randolph Academy (Toronto, ON)

Wexford Performing Arts Highschool (Toronto, ON)

Etobicoke School for the Arts (ESA, Toronto, ON)

Alexander Mackenzie Highschool Vocal and Acting Departments (Richmond Hill, ON)

Huron Heights Vocal and Acting Departments (Newmarket, ON)

St. Elizabeth Highschool Vocal and Acting Departments (Vaughn, ON)

Mayfield Secondary School Musical Theatre Program (Caledon, ON)

Rosedale Secondary School Arts Program (Toronto, ON) 



Flexible Single Lessons: $40 or $75 (no tax)

30 min - $40 (no tax)
1 Hour - $75 (no tax)
Students can book Single Lessons to fit a more flexible schedule and process.


Vocal Lesson Package: $37.50 (no tax)

Vocal Lesson Packages are available when you buy 6 or more lessons. Lessons can be booked flexibly throughout the year from Sept - June.


Summer Lesson Package: $35 (no tax)

Summer Lesson Packages are available when you buy 6 or more lessons. Lessons can be booked flexibly throughout out July and August.

audition & performance prep

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