Come discover what your voice can do...

The  Simply Sing Workshop

explores the simple tools, techniques, 
and methods introduced in Simply Sing.

This 45 min Workshop is a fun and

interactive experience,

assisting each singer to release their voice,

develop awareness, and

gain insight into how the voice works

 through simple and easy

exercises that can be applied to

any song you want to sing.

The next Complimentary Simply Sing Workshop 
is on Sun Sept 22nd, 2019
1 - 1:45 pm
Aurora, ON

 To register please email:

I look forward to the
opportunity to sing
with you soon!



I've recently attended Tammy's most recent Simply Sing Workshop and already I felt the difference in my singing when I applied the 4 things she taught us. Tammy's love for the discipline and craft shines through her and most importantly, she can definitely teach! ~ Lea

The workshop provided by Tammy Frederick was very

informative and motivating. Anyone who is interested

in learning how to get the most out of their voice through

proper technique and form will benefit. The workshop

gave an overview of how the voice works and tools to

apply to get the most out of your voice. Tammy's overall

presentation was educational, professional and fun!

Lawrence Platt


Tammy is an exceptional singing teacher. 
Though her methods are wonderful for beginner
and intermediate levels of singing, as a fully professional
singing coach myself, she helped me connect to my voice
with a deeper understanding and acuteness after her
one hour Simply Sing Workshop than I have experienced
in quite some time.  Clearly she loves what she does
and when you have that kind of love for your craft
– it will resonate strongly in the voices of people she teaches.

Alex Fiddes

I am very grateful I stumbled upon Tammy's workshop.

I was eager to hear Tammy speak because there was

something very appealing about her and her students

had great reviews to share about her. The professionalism,

sincerity, and passion Tammy resonated in her workshop

impressed me. It was to the point, full of new and interesting

information and her kind yet confident personality hooked

me in - ready to learn more... and now I do!

Lila Rose of Project Play



Tammy’s workshop was energizing. She successfully gives

an overview into the workings of the vocal instrument and

how one should be using it in order to maximize results. I

 was impressed with her proficiency and professionalism.


Jim King



Tammy’s workshop was full of useful information.

From breath to vocal cord connection and even

articulation; I was able to walk away with a wonderful

sampling of knowledge. Tammy was engaging and

enjoyable and her presentation was accessible

and insightful.

Betty Mah



I highly recommend Tammy Frederick for any group

or individual planning such an event.  The workshop

focused on areas of concern for choir members including

breathing techniques, vowel modification, and suggestions

for broadening vocal range. The event was very illuminating

for everyone who took part. Ms. Frederick was prompt,

prepared, and treated everyone cordially and respectfully.

Her enthusiasm and professionalism was first rate. Participants

were given hands on opportunities to learn and develop

innovative ways of improving their singing. Several people

requested follow-up private lessons with Tammy and the

choir continues to use the methods that were taught at

the workshop. In closing, I fully endorse Tammy Frederick’s

vocal workshop as one of the most profitable and valuable

endeavors one can enjoy in this industry. You and/or your

group will thoroughly benefit from the experience.




William A. Mason

Choir Director



We both enjoyed the workshop – in a short amount of

time Tammy was able to communicate instruction and

insight into how the voice works. She effectively answered

questions that we and the audience asked of her.


Amanda de Boer & Steven Ladwig


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