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Simply Sing Workshop!

Choirs, Bands, Schools, Ensembles!
Would you like to improve and perfect your sound as a group? Need help blending your voices? Want to build your vocal technique as a group and individually?
Tammy will come to you and assist you with YOUR songs!
Develop vocal technique and learn a whole tool box of exercises that will continue to assist you long after the workshop is over.

For more information or to BOOK your session please contact Tammy at or call 416-850-0972



"When Tammy Fredrick came in as a guest artist to conduct master classes with students in the ARTS Mackenzie Vocal Program, I was extremely impressed by her knowledge of the voice and acting techniques.  She was able to relate very well to students’ prior knowledge and give each of them useful tools to take away and add to their individual practice.  The students ranged from experienced jazz, musical theatre, and opera singers to choral singers who were trying out musical theatre for the first time.  Tammy encouraged a positive collaborative atmosphere and was able to make each of them feel that they had something to offer.  In the master classes, she focused on healthy practices for developing mixed voice and singing expressively by applying acting techniques such as making personal connections to the text.  I noticed a real difference in my students’ solo performances after they participated in the workshop and they frequently referenced what they learned throughout the course."

~ Megan Alexander-Lui
   Vocal Department
   Alexander Mackenzie Highschool 


Comments from the Voices of Georgina Choir's experience:

An enjoyable evening and quite informative. I learned a lot.


Absolutely terrific - really felt I learned some useful and cool things and that doing this sort of exercise helps us listen to one another more and really feel like a unit. The soundscape was a delightful amazing experience. Thanks.


What a refreshing experience! Here I was on the eve of my 70th birthday, having sung in church choirs all my life and about to learn in one evening more than I ever thought possible! And I loved it! Tammy has an endearing, accepting and encouraging manner which makes learning fun and satisfying. What a treasure! Thanks so much, Tammy.


Tammy was awesome. I learned a lot and loved harmonizing to “Amazing Grace”. Tammy is a very nice lady and I love her book.


I sincerely hope you will come back when we have a full choir. We have been talking about you and what we learned so much that the members who were away are envious. Thank you for all your help.


Susan Bowman-Stewart, Choir Director


Singing with Tammy is such a wonderful experience. She has a thorough understanding of the biology of the vocals and pairs it with an expertise on how to utilize your voice its best ability. Tammy breaks everything down into very clear and practical exercises that improve even the most trained voice. 

~ Nicole Holtby - cast member of Les Miserable 2014


I am thrilled to have found Tammy and so amazed with where my voice went with her. Her approach and technique is so fresh, innovative, simple and effective, and Tammy herself teaches with such heart and passion. Working with her guarantees a dynamic and seamless performance, and takes your voice to places you never thought it could go.

- Jessica Sangiuliano,
Naturopathic Doctor

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