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Private Coaching


In my private coaching I endeavour to create an atmosphere that is fun and inspiring; encouraging an attitude of success that I hope is infectious to all who come in to sing with me. Using my vocal method outlined in my book Simply Sing, it is my goal to help you release your voice through vocal exercises, physical tools, and verbal explanations of how your voice works so you can sing any song you want.


Your Session

In each session I will take you through a series of customized vocal exercises that are specifically designed to develop your vocal coordination and warm up your instrument. I design the combination of exercises according to where you are at in your process and what song you are working on.


Singing Your Song


The vocal exercises are quickly applied to your song. By applying specific vocal exercises to your song you develop the vocal coordination needed to sing through it easily and effortlessly. Whether you want to sing pop, rock, jazz, musical theatre, folk, R&B, blues, a song in a different language, you name it... All songs can be easily broken down so you can understand what is necessary to sing them effortlessly.



Each exercise systematically builds on one another ensuring consistent progress of your vocal abilities; and the tools and vocal coordination developed in our time together will remain with you as you continue to practice and sing throughout your life.


Recording Your Session


I recommend that you record your session using a voice recorder (many cell phones are now equipped with voice recorders). Having a record of what we did is the tool you will use to practice. By recording your session and singing along with it, you are able to practice multiple times and have it to revisit as often as you want. 

"In just one session, Tammy gave me back my confidence and inspiration to sing again after a year long hiatus. After communicating my goals and challenges in singing, she gave me the tools and exercises I needed to improve and tailored the session according to my needs. Her knowledge of vocal technique and physiology was truly insightful, and her positive can-do attitude made things fun."

- T. R.

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