Come discover what your voice can do...

 Simply Sing by Tammy Frederick is a comprehensive Singing Guidebook with accompanying CDs designed to assist you in releasing, exploring, and playing with your voice today!

It is a vocal playground offering over 40 exercises. You can immediately begin to apply the exercises and tools to the songs you love to sing, or you can learn to sing Amazing Grace with all the materials provided.

Explore the foundation of your voice, learn how to exercise it, begin to easily express it, and then expand it by learning how to harmonize.

Whether you are curious about releasing your voice or you are a seasoned professional, Simply Sing is a guidebook for every voice...

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Your Voice is ready and waiting to be discovered...

Can it come out and play today?

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Students Pay $25!

Book and 3 Vocal Exercise CDs

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Simply Sing A Song Pocketbook Guide

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I Release My Voice


I release my voice

for all to hear

my love, my joy,

my infectious cheer


I release my voice

for all to hear

my song so sweet

and gentle on the ear


I release my voice

for me to hear

my darkest, deepest,

innermost fear


I release my voice

for me to hear

my warmth, my beauty,

my worth so dear


I release my voice;

my masterful song

as I sing my whole

life’s journey on


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