Come discover what your voice can do...

Harmonise is a group singing class that will build your skills in a fun and supportive atmosphere.  This interactive experience will bring together singers looking to learn how to release their own voice while developing musicianship through singing in harmony with others.

No previous training required!
Each class will explore:
• vocal technique
• understanding how your voice works
• how to release your breath for effortless singing
• blending, listening, and ear training skills
• singing and harmonising with other voices
• improvised free-form singing
• and much more!

New music each new session!


Dates:        Apr 4th - May 9th, 2019
Day:            Thursdays
Length:       6 Weeks
Time:          7 – 8:30 pm
Class Size:  Max 7 singers
Location:    Yonge & St. John's Sideroad
Price:          $150 (no tax, music included)

New day - MONDAYS 7 - 8:30 PM!
Stay tuned for more info coming soon!...

To register for
Harmonise and reserve your spot today please email me at
*Please note there is a small service charge for online payments.


“I joined the group session because I wanted a low-stress way to learn some of the rudiments of singing and to expand my melodic abilities in my songwriting.  I immediately saw results in my own abilities after just the first session.  Tammy's ability to teach singing using non-technical explanations, "mental game" techniques, imagery and simple physical actions will stick in my mind and continue to improve my singing for a long time to come.”
Thank you, Tammy!
Paul Tarvydas
“It has been a great experience working with Tammy and the group of singers who all love to sing! The songs we worked on are great and our sound improved throughout the six week course. I enjoyed the class very much and will take with me skills that I can use right away. I really appreciated working on breathing and increasing vocal range. A really great learning experience!”
Dr. Diane Schulman
“Tammy is always fun to work with. She has a good arsenal of ideas and techniques to help everyone with their challenge areas. I enjoyed the classes very much and liked working with the variety of voices and singing styles.”
Linda Cahill
“Tammy, I thoroughly enjoyed the classes, even the difficult ‘lip rolls’.  Many years ago I started private lessons with a school and I found that your classes by far out-weighed the benefits I gained.  You are warm, friendly and encouraging and made someone like myself who has had no real musical experience in the past, feel at home.  Thank you very much for helping me ‘get my voice’ back to a singing level.”
Annabelle Ramsook


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