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Tammy is magic. Her approach to vocal technique is truly effective; the framework she provides is easy to understand and fun to explore. She explains the foundation of her concepts in a way that anyone can follow. More than that, though, Tammy has an innate understanding of the human condition. As a student of both her private and group lessons, I felt her unconditional support and encouragement every step of the way. I was able to move past fear and into performance, claiming my right to self-expression through song. She is every singer's greatest advocate. 


Laura Geiger

I had not sung a note, other than in the shower, for 20 years. With Tammy’s knowledgeable guidance, and with the tools she has taught me, I feel confident to perform in front of others. I believe Tammy is a gifted communicator. She has a unique ability to bring her point across, using visual and physical cues, to help me sing with ease. She provides a comfortable, supportive atmosphere in which to learn and experiment with fun music and challenging exercises. I look forward to each one of my lessons. She has a way of bringing out the best in me.

Martha Bouchier

Everyone should do something creative in life. For me I chose to add something that presents a huge challenge and doesn’t come naturally to me – music. Upon my first vocal lesson with Tammy, I really had no consistent singing voice and little confidence in my ability – Tammy has quickly changed all that, and more. Tammy has a unique combination of dedication to improvement, knowledge of technique, the ability to quickly identify and tackle limitations and above all a wonderful, lively and fun personality. This all adds up to huge improvement in the voice in surroundings that are encouraging and lots of fun. Tammy is a true professional, comfortable working with both the seasoned professional and the beginner. I very highly recommend Tammy to anyone looking for creativity through voice or looking to improve their already developed vocal talent.

Dr. Robert Ellis

I’ve been playing piano and around music since a boy, and for me the voice is one of the most beautiful and elusive instruments to learn. With Tammy, the traditional methods and vague terminologies are left behind. Instead she demystifies the process by teaching an in depth technical approach, building on itself in concrete and understandable ways, while also increasing the student’s vocal knowledge ultimately leading them to continue to train themselves.


Darren Harris

About a year ago I was ready to sing again. I left singing altogether for some time as I was so frustrated with the many limitations of my previous training. Fortunately, I met Tammy Frederick. Tammy is extremely professional and has an extensive knowledge of the voice. With Tammy’s coaching and technique, I am now able to tackle any genre of music successfully! My vocal range has expanded and Tammy has helped bridge the gap between my higher and lower registers with various vocal exercises that always relate directly to specific “problem areas” in the repertoire. I’ve finally experienced my true voice. Not what someone else thinks it should be or how it should sound. Singing has become natural, easy and fun again! Thanks Tammy!

Erin Carter

All my life I’ve coasted through education and life in general doing the minimal amount of work and preparation while relying on my talents. That is, until Tammy showed me the amazing results that can be achieved through the daily discipline and routine of her technique. In the year that I’ve been studying with Tammy I’ve amazed everybody who's been following my career as well as myself with the power, range, and control she has helped me achieve. And while in the past I would be content to settle for what I’ve achieved to this point I’m excited and determined to see the results of sustaining this training into the future. What I’ve learned from Tammy extends past my vocal abilities into every aspect of my life and has been one of the most positive educational experiences of my life. I would and do recommend Tammy to anybody looking to become a better singer. Tammy is a vibrant and fun teacher who is full of positive energy. My only wish is that I found her earlier.


Ryan J. Beattie

Where would I be without Tammy? When I first started training with Tammy, I was out of control- problems with pitch, sustain, range, breathing, annunciation and clarity. With Tammy's expert coaching, friendly demeanor, compassion and wonderful teaching I started seeing improvements in very short time. Now, two years later, I have the confidence, range and technique necessary to sing in virtually any venue or setting. Because of Tammy, I can now sing for hours across my entire range without fatigue. I can concentrate on connecting with my audience, instead of worrying about what noise is about to come out of my mouth. Singing is no longer a chore, it's a joy. This is, without a doubt, the best money and time I've ever spent. If you're a singer - professional, amateur, or hobbyist - Tammy can help you find your voice.


David Bistolas

I have studied singing for years. I studied before and during University where I obtained my degree in Music Theatre. However, I have found that the most dramatic improvement in my vocal technique has come from my work with Tammy over the past two years. She truly is an amazing teacher and a wonderful woman to have on your side. Her encouraging and patient nature is such a necessity in a business such as the performing arts. Through consistent work I have been able to gain skills that at one time seemed out of reach. I have confidence in my vocal abilities now, which has greatly impacted my success in the audition room. Not only do I continue to grow in my work with Tammy, but I have gained knowledge and skills that I can easily apply myself to solve problems I encounter when working on pieces. I highly recommend Tammy to anyone who wants to enjoy singing in any style more so than they presently do… it becomes easy and fun as opposed to what I previously felt, which was that I was limited and stuck. Thank you Tammy!

Denise Mader

If you want to improve your singing, come and work with Tammy. I am a beginner, but after just four lessons my voice is already much stronger. Now when I sing, I can tell right away when I'm doing something wrong and I know exactly how to fix it. The lessons are so practical-she gets right to work and doesn't waste your time. She picks up exactly what isn't right, gives very specific instruction, and is wonderfully encouraging. We record each lesson, which is great. First, I sit down and listen to the recording and can immediately hear what I'm doing wrong. Then I sing along with the lesson a few times during the week. I'm making progress much faster than I imagined. I'm so glad I found her! More, please!

Diane Hill

Like many other people out there I have had a passion for singing for a very long time. I have always felt that there was some natural talent in me but I could tell that I needed some help if I wanted to move forward. And then I met Tammy Frederick. Tammy's teaching method and dedication have allowed me to understand and trust my vocal abilities to a point I would have never imagined possible. Before I would simply try to reproduce another singer's voice and style because I didn't know any better and by the end of a song I would often be tired and sore trying to reach some of those high notes. Now I know who I am as a singer and with the tools she has given me I can easily tackle songs that use to intimidate me because of the vocal range and quality they required. The greatest thing about my experience has definitely been how at ease Tammy has always made me feel during our lessons with her incredible ability to make any correction sound like a compliment and her contagiously enthusiastic nature. Thanks Tammy!!

Marco La Rocca

I have always dreamed of having voice lessons with not only someone who I could truly click with on a personal level, but also with a person who has an extensive understanding of voice technique that can be applied in a practical way. Since my training with Tammy, I have gained insight into how I can use my voice to its full potential, and I look forward to this continued experience and application. The techniques taught by Tammy continue to instil the confidence that I need, to one day take me to where I want to go with my voice… the sky’s the limit!! Thanks Tammy for your professionalism, passion and dedication to voice and song!

Shae Calhoun

As a guitar player without the vocal chops to match, I had tried voice lessons in the past but gave up after lack of progress. I had no idea what my singing voice was supposed to sound like. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Tammy and decided to try again. After only a couple of lessons I got it - I knew what my voice was supposed to sound like and what we were working towards. After one year my range, intonation, and tonal quality have improved well beyond any expectations I had when I started working with Tammy. I'm still learning and improving every week and Tammy has invigorated my passion for music and performing.


Don McDonald

I have been taking singing lessons with Tammy for about 9 months and absolutely love the lessons and results. Having each lesson recorded is great, I find it much easier and I am more apt to practice. The lessons, as well as her concerts, have really helped build my confidence and voice. The whole concert process was a fabulous experience I will never forget! Tammy is an excellent teacher, always positive and encouraging but also making sure you are doing it right. I am extremely thankful that I found her.

Cathy Mason

I have always sung, and I have had many good teachers over the years, but after one lesson with Tammy, my range and power and the understanding of my voice as an instrument reached an exciting new level--Tammy is a force of nature and a single encounter with her will change your life in a joyful way!

Robin Jay

I wanted to find a teacher who could show me the proper technique to use in my practicing and performances. Fortunately, I was introduced to Tammy. I had no idea what type of vocal coaching she did at that time, but was told by a friend of a friend that she was a pretty cool person. When we did finally touch base and I learned of her vocal technique and background, I was ecstatic. I’ve been taking lessons with her ever since. She has never once tried to change me into something I’m not and has only helped me strengthen what I’ve been building as a singer. She is so supportive of everything I do that she is more like a friend than just a teacher or coach. There is definitely a connection, and that just enhances the experience. I’d trust Tammy’s opinion over many others any day because she is always honest and definitely trustworthy. I refer her to as many people as I can because she totally deserves the accolades. That friend of a friend was right too…She is a pretty cool person!

Krystle Payton

If you paid me to criticise Tammy, I think the best I could come up with is that she knows too many show tunes. But that's not even criticism to some folks :-) So this next bit, I'll give ya for free: Tammy is incredibly supportive -- I met her at Graffiti's when she was there watching another student's band. A few months later, she was front row center watching my band at the Cameron House. At lesson time she is funny, positive and great at what she does. Her technique makes a ton of sense and her approach will put you at ease. I've gotten a lot of compliments this year about how my singing is better than it was on the last record. So I recommend her to people all the time -- like right now to you.

Michael Lake

Whenever I'm visiting Toronto, I have to squeeze in a few lessons with Tammy. I've had only around 10 lessons, but I leave each and every one with new revelations about my voice and specific techniques I can use when I'm away in Hong Kong. Not only does she give me take-away exercises that help develop my bridge, breathing and dynamics, she also teaches me how exactly to apply them to songs (of any language!). Tammy's thorough knowledge of the voice gives me the confidence that I can attain the vocal freedom needed to express my songs just the way they were meant to be. Thank you so much!

Tina Chu

I look forward to that half hour every week with Tammy! I have so much fun and I am really learning about my voice and my “self”.  It has been a year since my first lesson; I still have a lot to learn, but I am having a great time. Tammy builds my confidence and spirit. Thanks Tammy!

Mary Auchterlonie

Since starting my vocal training with Tammy Frederick about 2 years ago, I am much more in touch with my voice.  Before Tammy I went through many bad vocal conditions, due to the fact that I was not taught how to breathe and exercise my voice properly.  Now, with Tammy’s excellent training, cheerful encouragement and amazing enthusiasm – I can sing effortlessly!  Thanks Tammy!

Rebecca Perry

Before I started my voice lessons with Tammy I had trained in a more traditional method. I had to quit because I felt like I wasn’t singing with my true voice anymore and I no longer liked what I heard. But since training with Tammy I feel like I’ve come into my voice and I understand that each person needs to use what they have instead of trying to make their voice something it isn’t. It’s nice to have somewhere to feel perfectly at ease and if you sound terrible one day it’s ok because you’re just on the road to becoming the best singer you could possibly be.

Mary Freitas

After my first lesson I was hooked. I left the lesson knowing my current vocal capabilities and understanding where I could go from there, which was a definite confidence booster. Tammy is an honest, caring and considerate teacher. Thank you Tammy!

Nadia Manning

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