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Our daughter Gracie has been with Tammy for two years.  We cannot believe the improvements in her singing.  It also given her much more confidence...on stage...and overall.  Most importantly, she looks forwards to the lessons and truly loves going. 


James Duthie, from TSN


Our son has been with Tammy for 2 full years already and we are so pleased at how much he has developed in that time. In a fun interactive way Tammy  has helped harness his raw talent into a skill he has already used to secure roles in many theatrical productions. We look forward to seeing how the future years will help him grow as a singer even further.


Andrew M


Tammy is a kind, caring and knowledgeable vocal instructor. She really does know how to help beginner singers get to the next level.  In a few short lessons, we noticed a HUGE difference in our daughter's singing ability and confidence.  I highly recommend Tammy's vocal lessons for any child, whether they are a beginner or extremely talented.  She will work with your child at whatever level they are at and help them develop the knowledge and skills that they need in order to improve their singing voice and persona.





For my daughter, I think the vocal lessons working with Tammy have done far more than just improved her singing.  Although I have seen a marketed improvement in her singing abilities,  I have seen an even bigger improvement in her confidence and presence when on stage and in her Marquee productions.  Although a very shy child, she now has a more confident stage presence when singing in front of audiences.
Thanks you!


As a singer myself, I knew what to look for when seeking out a singing teacher for my daughter. After taking one of Tammy's introductory Simply Sing workshops, I knew I had found the right fit. Tammy is professional, knowledgeable, talented and a pleasure to work with. I have seen my daughter's skills and confidence grow considerably since she has been with Tammy, and she was recently accepted into an elite program based on the strength of her audition. 




In helping my daughter improve her singing ability, Tammy Frederick chose songs that were suited to my daughter’s range and taste, making for a very enjoyable experience. You won’t find a vocal coach who is more organized and dedicated to her students than Tammy!



I wanted to thank you so much for your amazing attention and dedication in teaching my daughter!  It is truly beautiful to see her confidence growing and to see her perform in this year’s showcase was truly special!  You are doing some great work!

Sophie T


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